Shredding Solutions


The recovery shredder machine split open packaged wet food, creams, lotions, solutions and fluids, separate out the liquid contents from the packaging, compact the packaging, and shred the package as it exits the shredding machine. The resulting output is shredded particles of package and the content of package is separately collected in another gallon, this separately collected liquids or package content can be sent to a bio-digester or be composted.

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More Videos - click here


  • MODEL Recovery
    TYPES Of Shredder Segregation
    Feed Width 300mm
    Power 3HP A/C motor + 5HP A/C motor
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity/hr 50-60 liter/hr
    Motor On/Off Control panel
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm) approx.
    Machine Weight approx.
    Applications Emptying out packets with solid/liquid products in it and collecting them in two different collection trolley/container
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