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Laminate Shredder
Laminate Shredder

Laminate shredder is also known as Polyester Film Shredder / BOPP Film Shredder, Pouch Shredder, etc. Laminate Shredder is used in the printing and packaging industry during production of large volumes of misprinted laminates and empty wrappers that cannot be dumped or sold straight to scrap dealers owing to fear of misuse or duplication. This shredder can shred various types of laminate such as school laminating film, standard laminating film, professional laminating film, digital low melt laminating film and pressure sensitive laminating film.

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  • MODEL Laminate
    TYPES Of Shredder Laminate
    Feed Width 400mm-1000mm
    Power 2HP
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity/hr 80-100kg/hr
    Shred Size From 30mm & above in strip cut
    Motor On/Off Control panel provided with D.O.L. starter
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm) approx.
    Machine Weight approx. 250kg
    Applications Shred laminated Sheet
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