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Heavy Duty Paper Shredder
Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Corporates use shredder machines to minimize their risk and prevent misuse and duplication by shredding confidential documents.These machines are excellent for effectiveness and robust engineering.It shreds into fine components or strips and can be adapted according to requirements.

The heavy duty shredder is intended for maximum functionality without compromising durability.It can shred corrugated boxes up to 28Ply with staples, paper with paper clip, packs of expired medicines, X ray films, credit card, newspaper, polyester films, label stocks, etc. to reduce the material amount.

Heavy duty Industrial Shredding Machine

Industrial shredders are robust devices that efficiently shred every material from plastics, glass to corrugated boxes and beverage containers. It allows to compact and destroy large volumes of material quickly and effectively. Advanced industrial shredders often feature automated feeding systems that improve efficiency while cutting the cost of operators. Such shredders also combine state-of - the-art software with minimal human intervention to enable simple operations.

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  • MODEL SC3051 SC4002 SC5003
    Feed Width 305mm 400mm 500mm
    Power 0.750kw/1HP 1.50kw/2HP 2.20kw/3HP
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity/hr 30-35kg 45-50kg 55-60kg
    Shred Size 10/15mm 10/15mm 10/5mm
    Speed 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min
    Motor On/Off Online Strater Online Starter Online Starter
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm) approx. 560x600x1130 710x710x1260 810x710x1260
    Machine Weight approx. 140kg 150kg 180kg
    Applications Paper, mono cartons, Staples, CD. Paper, paper clips with staples, cartons, thick papers, Aluminum foil, CD, Glassine, cards, corrugated boxes unto 7 ply.
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