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Glass Shredder

Glass Crusher machine has a broad market value as pulverized glass can be processed and produced into a variety of raw materials that are commonly used in aerospace, rail, home furniture, sanitary materials, sanitation and much more. Glass crusher can also effectively regulate glass waste to reduce your overall cost of waste management.

Waste glass comes in the form of glass sheets, containers, jars and bottles from various sources and can be recycled using glass crusher machines designed to support the recycling process by pulverizing glass in order to prevent the production of new glass, thereby saving energy. Glass crushers with high crushing efficiency also save customers a lot of storage space and shipping costs

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  • MODEL GC201 GC302 GC403 GC505
    TYPES Of Shredder Glass Glass Glass Glass
    Feed Width 200mm 300mm 400mm 500mm
    Power 1HP/0.750kw 2HP/1.5kw 3HP/2.2kw 5HP/3.7kw
    Voltage 415V 415V 415V 415V
    Shredding Capacity/hr 60-80kg/hr 100-120kg/hr 150-200kg/hr 200-50kg/hr
    Shred Size 6mm-25mm(uneven) 6mm-25mm(uneven) 6mm-25mm(uneven) 6mm-25mm(uneven)
    Automation Grade Semi-Auto, Auto Semi-Auto, Auto Semi-Auto, Auto Semi-Auto, Auto
    Waste Volume 90 litres 180 litre 180 litre 180 litre
    Motor On/Off D.O.L. starter Control Panel Control Panel Control Panel
    Duty Cycle Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
    Dimensions LxWxH mm approx        
    Machine Material SS and MS SS and MS

    SS and MS

    SS and MS

    Machine Weight approx.

    Applications Vials and Ampoules Vials, Ampoules and small botlles upto 500ml Vials, Ampoules and small botlles upto 1 litre Vials, Ampoules and small botlles upto 4 litre
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