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E-waste Shredder
E-waste Shredder

The explosion of development in the electronics industry coupled with a brief product life cycle has resulted to a fast escalation in e-waste generation.The e-waste shredder is designed to ensure that the material is completely destroyed, with no chance of being recovered or misused and reduced enough to make the information unrecoverable.

The e-waste shredders machines are used to assist dispose, recycle and destroy waste electronics along with safe data destruction. These machines are intended to shred hard drives, backup tapes, keyboards, handset, PC, tablets and other assorted e-scrap. Thus helping with the correct disposal and administration of electronic waste

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  • MODEL DS 5007 DS1015
    TYPES Of Shredder E-waste E-waste
    Feed Width 500mm 1000mm
    Power 7.5HP 15HP
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity/hr 150-200kg/hr 350-400kg/hr
    Shred Size 12x50mm / uneven 24x60mm / uneven
    Speed 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min
    Motor On/Off Control Panel Control Panel
    Dimensions LxWxH approx. 91"x35"69" 104"x32"x70"
    Waste Volume approx. 180 litre 275 litre
    Machine Weight approx. 500kg 1200kg
    Applications All kinds of electrical waste
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