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Dual Shaft Shredder
Dual Shaft Shredder

Dual shaft shredder is suitable for applications such as composting, solid waste, tubular, industrial waste, electronic scrap, plastic, fabric or cardboard. Its mounting hoppers are equipped with high-quality rotary cutters for lower energy consumption and noise reduction. The high cutting torque of the double shaft shredder and the multiple conformation of the group of cutters allows you to shred different materials.

Due to the large, heavy-duty, low-speed cutting disks and automatic reversing capabilities, structural overloading or blocking mechanism in the event of excessive shredding of different materials is prevented. A dual shaft shredder of suitable size and design can be reliable, provide low operating costs and process a high volume of material under a variety of feed conditions and operating environments.

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  • MODEL DS2002 DS3003 DS4005 DS5007 DS7510 DS1015 TSM300 TSM400
    TYPES Of Shredder Hosp/Pharma Hosp/Pharma Hosp/Pharma Hosp/Pharma Hosp/Pharma Hosp/Pharma Tablet strip Shredding & Separating
    Feed Width 200mm 300mm 400mm 500mm 750mm 1000mm 300 400
    Power 2HP 3HP 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 2HP 3HP
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity 40-50kg/hr 60-80kg/hr 120-150kg/hr 150-200kghr 250-300kg/hr 350-400kg/hr 60-100 strips/min 150-200/min
    Shred Size uneven uneven uneven uneven uneven uneven
    Speed 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min 16mtrs/min
    Motor On/Off Online Starter Online Starter Online Starter Control Panel Control Panel Control Panel Online Starter Control Panel
    Dimensions LxWxH approx 36"x28"59" 40"28"x59" 71"x24"67" 91"x35"x69" 102"x35"x69" 104"x32"x70" 900"x600"x1000" 1100"x600"x1800"
    Machine Weight appox. 200kg 250kg 350kg 500kg 750kg 1200kg 350kg 450kg
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