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Cellulose Sheet Shredder
Cellulose Sheet Shredder

The cellulose shredders are mainly used to shred cellulose sheets for the production of necessary pulp.Before processing, the cellulose sheets must be sliced and broken into tiny bits for further implementation in the food, cosmetics and pharma sectors as these sectors involve large cellulose consumption.This cellulose shredder is also used in the manufacture of welding electrodes.

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  • MODEL Cellulose
    TYPES Of Shredder Cellulose Sheet
    Feed Width 500mm-1000mm
    Power 7.5HP
    Voltage 415V/3 Phase
    Shredding Capacity/hr 2-10 ton/day
    Shred Size 10x15mm or above
    Speed 30meter/min
    Motor On/Off Control panel
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm) approx. 1500x1500x2700
    Machine Weight approx. 1500kg
    Applications Shreds Cellulose Sheet
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