Passenger Elevator (Machine Room)

Intelligent System
Highly integrated and intelligent control system

Double 32 bit CPU,mutul control between main CPU and sub CPU,increases the speed of data processing to a great extent.Moreover,the highly intellectual micro-computer module inside our systems guarantee the most secure,accurate,and effective control to our elevator.

Safety Function
Brake force automatic detection

Brake rubber abrasion,which is caused by elevator brake using for a long time,will lead to decline the brake force.System will detect the brake force and alarm remind according to the "Standard".

Hoist rope sliding detection

Offset of running location shoule be detected in real time.Elevator will slow down and stop running when the steel rope slipping exceeds the allowable value.(stopping on the nearest floor)



  • Remote Monitoring

    Intelligent terminal remote monitoring
    It can monitor the elevator parameters and running condition in the monitor center or remote intelligent cellphone.Meanwhile,it can transfer voice,pictures and videos by data stream.

    Intelligent Analysis

    Failure analysis expert system
    To acquire the elevator state information automatically when it is failure,then system will make analysis and dispose.It will display the analysis resule and describe the failure.

    Intelligent IC Card System

    IC card can be configured according to user requirements,IC card can execute permissions management for elevator,while improves the safety of the building management.

    Group Control Management

    High performance group control management system enable 3-8 sets of elveator to carry out the function of group control,which response and deal with the hall call reasonably and reduce the passengers' waiting time effectively.The system adapted real-timely the change of the rider ship.

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